Open MDB File

Open Corrupt MDB File

Open Corrupt MDB File

It is difficult to imagine about a situation where you are not able to open your MDB file. Unfortunately, there are several reasons that may lead to the nightmare of Access file corruption.

Are you thinking about a feasible solution that can help you repair a MDB file that is severely damaged? On the other hand, are you wondering what could assist you in recovering exact database content present in the original MDB/ACCDB files? The only way out to repair corrupt documents is by using a reliable MDB Repair Tool. Access File Recovery software is one such professional and comprehensive repair software that can help in opening corrupt or damaged MDB files. In fact, it is one such dependable software that can help is flawless recovery of original DB content with all the information in it intact.

OPen MDB File

The Access DB Recovery Tool is independent of the reason of corruption and can successfully repair, recover and restore all sorts of corrupt Access DB and MDB files. The highlight of the tool is that it offers two scanning options – Standard Mode and Template Mode to effectively deal with different level of corruptions.

The Standard Mode scan of the recovery product enables the user to repair and restore corrupted Access database repair document in case of normal DB corruption. It allows the user to browse through the corrupted document and then rebuild it into a database file for hassle-free reuse.

On the other hand, Template Mode of scan is recommended to be used in case of major corruptions to database and when Standard Mode failed to recover the damaged data. In case of serious corruptions, when the entire internal structure of database is lost, using Template Mode is highly recommended. Here, the Open MDB File Recovery Software facilitates to have a proper backup text of the database in the form of a template to enable you restore the lost structure of the DB. Then, it figures out the layout of the provided DB and finally tries to synchronize the earlier and new DB to retrieve the old database into a new file.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, another exciting feature of Access File Recovery Software is its ability to perform recursive scan of the corrupt Access record. In addition, the software can extract the structure of the database and the table data from the MDB/ACCDB file. Moreover, once the entire recovery process completes, the software gives a preview of the data structure along with its contents. With open mdb File Recovery Software handy, database administrators should never worry about corruption of MDB files.

Download Free Trial Version:

As a user, it makes sense to download the free trial version of the Repair Software before purchasing the full version. The trial version will act as a guide to tell about the working of the full version. Though it allows the user to recover information and have a preview of the repaired files, it will not let him save the files. The key advantage of the trial version is that it will let you find if the software is actually capable of repairing the corrupt database. If yes, you can buy the complete version to save the recovered files.

  • Virus attack
  • Power failure
  • Improper System shutdown
  • Bad Sectors in hard drive
  • Hardware malfunction

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Vital Features
  • Restores important elements of data structures, such as auto number, field size, primary key, etc
  • Retrieves field properties, damage tables, indexes and table data
  • Supports Microsoft Access 95, 97, 2000, 2002(XP), 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Recovers accurate table structure details, including properties, indexes, relationships, and all other fields